How to make your book come true

Zarana manages publishing projects from their initial concept to their completion and printing as a packager. Aimed at publishers, companies and public and private entities of all types, this service is provided by our team of professionals who are available to orient you on how to carry out a publishing project that conforms to your objectives and the budget available.

•    Conception of the editorial project

We help you to design your publishing project taking into account the purposes of its creation and the financing available.

•    Writing and editing of texts

We can create the texts for your project or edit the material that you have already drawn up to achieve an impeccable finish.

•    Design and layout

We design your project in accordance with the style and public you’re aiming to reach. Our graphic design specialists will carry out the formatting and layout of the entire manuscript.

•    Printing  

We provide you with different printing options such as offset, digital printing, and print-on-demand, depending on the number of copies that you request. We can also deliver your product in digital form so it is downloadable in formats compatible with e-books.

•    Furnishing photography and illustrations

If your project includes pictures or other artwork, we can provide you with the services of specialized photographers and illustrators.

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