About us

Specialized in psychology, self-help, spirituality, health and alternative medicine, Zarana Literary Agency is a meeting point for professionals covering these subject areas who wish to share their experience or relay their message to the public at large through their books.

Professional consultancy

Our goal is to make available to these experts a complete platform of literary representation and consultancy services, as well as constituting a point of reference for specialized publishing companies.

The agent

With over twenty years of experience editing and publishing books on health, psychology and alternative medicine therapies, Marta Sevilla is currently carrying out consultancy work for professionals  with expertise in the above fields of knowledge who wish to share their experience or relay their message to their students, clients, or the public at large through their works.

Marta attended the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where she got her degree in Information Sciences, going on to obtain a master’s degree in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition. Still feeling she needed to have a more thorough background in her fields of interest, she took courses on Psychology and trained in Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis. She lives in Badalona with her family: Jordi, Sara and Bernat.

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