Pere Cervantes

Pere Cervantes (Barcelona, 1971). As a graduate with a Law degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Pere Cervantes started working for the United Nations and the European Union Commission of Service in1991. For two and a half years he lived in Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina, where he was in charge of re-establishing peaceful co-existence among Serbians-Albanese-Bosnians-Croatians in one single territory for all, while setting up a security plan for them. His first novel, Trescientos sesenta y seis lunes (Editorial Triángulo Escaleno, 2004), is fruit of this experience.

Trained as a scriptwriter at the International Film Academy of Barcelona, he is the author of several short films and the film Triste y azul (at present under study by the Alter Ego film producer).
He is a CPCO- certified Professional Coach by the international Olacoach Institute, and has professional experience in this field since 2008.
He participates with ONDA CERO CASTELLÓN in the morning talk-shows hosted by the reporter Lorena Pardo.
He is co-author, along with Juan Silvestre, of the novel La soledad de las ballenas.

Books published

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