José T. Gállego

José T. Gállego (Madrid, 1973) graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Sciences, and he is a photographer and English translator who now lives happily as a farmer.

A researcher well-versed in traditional techniques to attain altered states of awareness especially through the use of psychoactive and hallucinogenic plants, he is an expert on cannabis culture and an activist against the prohibition of these substances. He has been writing regularly for the Cáñamo  magazine since it was created, and has published over 300 articles on cannabis and other psychoactive plants in magazines throughout Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Chile.

An inveterate globe-trotter, he has travelled extensively through the United States, Mexico, Morocco and India.

In 2000, he moved out of the city of Barcelona and settled down in the country where he began to search for spiritual harmony through contact with nature, spurring his interest in rural living. He practices ecological and biodynamic farming, lives surrounded by animals, and produces most of the food he eats. He is married and has a daughter.

Books published

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