Marta Ligioiz

Marta Ligioiz (Sevilla, 1956) specialized in behavioral neurobiology within her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree. She is the author of Curso de vuelo para constructores de sueños, La invitación (published by Integral) and Descubrir la neurodidáctica (UOC), this last one written jointly with Anna Forés.
Having obtained her Master’s degree in Neurosciences, Marta Ligioiz now forms part of a group researching psychosomatic illnesses at the Medical College of Seville. At present she works for several health care centers. At the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville she provides ongoing training sessions on therapeutical abilities (emotional intelligence, behavioral neurobioloby, and techniques to improve treatments and assistance quality) for the health care personnel of all professional categories and hospital units.
Her studies and teachings embrace a wide scope of areas, ranging from the medical and sociological to the anthropological and psychological, encompassing all the knowledge which delves more deeply into human facets and capacities and which helps to furnish a global vision of all the potential we have as human beings.

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